Saturday Fun Day – Baby Parrotlets

In addition to my own stories and photos, I also want to share some great contributions of others on the web here at Animal Wonder, and today’s feature is a great short video to help kickoff the weekend with a big dose of cuteness!  While most of us are familiar with Parrots, I will venture that very few of us are familiar with Parrotlets, which are actually Parrots that are smaller sized but are not able to scream like their larger counterparts.  They are from Middle and South America but are becoming more popular as pets for the right households, too.  The creator of the video encourages researching this species well before adopting them into a home, which is always good advice before adopting any animal.  While they are cute as babies, they do grow up and some may even become a bit aggressive at times.  It’s always good to do your homework!

I hope you enjoy this cute video, and if you do, please click-through to the You Tube page and send some love to its creator.  I just want to hug one of those little birds right now.  I have never had a bird for a pet and likely never will, despite my love of birds.  We are a dog family, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.  Still, these little guys are just precious and almost remind me of little stuffed animals.

Enjoy and share this one with the kids in your life!

NaBloPoMo November 2014

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