A Fabulous New Bird Blind

In late September of this year, we visited Davis Mountains State Park of far West Texas once again.  The scenery was beautiful after recent rains with yellow wildflowers almost everywhere we looked.  We also had the unique opportunity to see a new bird blind in the park that was nearing completion, and I was truly impressed with it.

I wanted to share information about this amazing new bird blind here today because it will actually be dedicated in the park today at 3 pm.

Davis Mountains State Park Bird Blind

The new bird blind at Davis Mountains State Park in September 2014, almost completed

Texas Highways recently featured a great article on this new bird blind, which cost about $36K to build, funded by friends of the park and not the state park system.  It is completely solar-powered, and the white adobe structure was built to look much like the historic Indian Lodge and other white adobe structures in the park.

“Davis Mountains State Park is a designated Globally Important Bird Area, recognized for the number of documented resident and transient bird species.” — Texas Highways, 11/3/14

Davis Mountains State Park Bird Blind 4

The water feature at the new bird blind is solar-powered.

Davis Mountains State Park Bird Blind 2

Almost completed in September 2014

If you are ever in the area, Davis Mountains State Park is always a good option for a nice, relaxing visit, and if you are a birder, it just got even more appealing.  This is truly a world-class bird blind!

Even though we have made several trips to the park in recent years, I am still hoping to see an illusive Montezuma Quail sometime, and I now have a great spot to do that!

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