The Hungry Egret

During our wonderful visit to Sawgrass Recreation Park in December 2010, one of my favorite memories is of a beautiful Great Egret who was apparently quite hungry.

Great Egret - with a personality!

Great Egret of South Florida

After our amazing air boat ride through the marsh, hubby, son and I walked over to their animal park to view the reptiles.  On our way, however, we were treated to a little show by this elegant Great Egret.  It was quite tame, and I assume it was a regular resident of the park.  Apparently, the egret thought it was time for a snack, so it walked ever so slowly and gently to the door of the bait house, then peered inside.

Great Egret Florida 2 Great Egret Florida 3

We quickly knew that this egret was familiar with this routine, so we watched for a bit to see what would happen.  Sure enough, a tasty fish snack soon came its way.

Great Egret Florida 4

This Great Egret was a large, beautiful bird, and we were thoroughly entertained just watching it here for a few minutes.

Great Egret Florida 5

Great Egret Florida 6

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