The Pole Sitter

Pole-Sitting Robin

Pole-Sitting Bird – An American Robin

Over the years, I have truly enjoyed watching and photographing the birds in our own backyard so very much.  A few years ago, we installed a couple of wooden poles in strategic spots in the yard in an attempt to train our male poodle to “use” them instead of some new plants that we had just planted, and while that was a successful project in that respect, we also soon witnessed several birds that seemed to rather enjoy just perching on top of the poles.

The pretty robin pictured above was by far the most frequent pole-sitter in our yard that year, and I enjoyed watching and photographing it on several occasions.  This photo was my favorite photo of them all, and I still just have to smile thinking about how this robin would sit there for long periods of time, sometimes for several hours.

This year, our area finally received some much-needed rain after several years of drought, and it was a delight to watch the robins come to our yard and peck many worms from the ground.  On a few mornings, our yard looked like a feeding frenzy had occurred overnight, with grass sticking up everywhere from the feeding escapades of the robins.  Without a doubt, the robins were as glad to have the rains return once again as we were.

Birds are such delightful creatures of God and never cease to amaze me at times!

NaBloPoMo November 2014

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