Posing at Alcatraz

I have always wanted to paint.

Well, let me comment further on that statement, as it needs a bit more clarification.

I have always wanted to paint as an artist.  However, that particular talent is not one that I have been blessed with in any way, shape or form.  Nevertheless, I admire those that have the ability to paint so much, and I love to view good paintings and walk through great art galleries.

In 2011, hubby captured this photo of a lovely seagull on a visit to Alcatraz Island and gave it to me when he returned home.  He said that the gull just seemed to want to pose for a picture and sat there quite still for the longest time in a perfect spot with the sun shining nicely on it.

I decided to do my best to create a dry brush portrait of this special bird from the original photo, even though it was all done digitally.

Flying Free at Alcatraz

Flying Free at Alcatraz

Sometimes it is nice to have a little creative fun with photos, especially when I would love to be able to paint the picture instead of just capturing it with the camera.  Now, give me a paint-by-number set, and I might have a fighting chance!

I have loved this special little artistic project since 2011, and I’m happy to share it today!

NaBloPoMo November 2014

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