A Very Special Little Visitor

This delightful little bird holds a special place in my memory, as a photo of this little bird was my first photo to ever win an award, a second place ribbon in a local competition a few years ago.  I took these photos as it perched on a thin wire in our backyard.

I have struggled to identify this bird ever since I took the photo, but after some research, I believe it could be a Ruby-crowned Kinglet.  If this is incorrect, I hope someone will share more information as to what it is.  I could almost describe it as a small Mockingbird, too, but I don’t know if could be a juvenile or not.  I would love to finally know for sure what this special little bird was!

Finch 1

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Possibly a Ruby-crowned Kinglet?

This is the only time I have seen one of these little birds in our yard, which was in mid-September 2009.  Our area is just outside the year-round habit area for these Kinglets, so it was probably not too unusual to see one.  I have looked for others since that time but have not seen any more in our yard since then.  Mockingbirds are not uncommon for our area, even though I do not typically see that many close to home.

Seeing and photographing this special little bird a few years ago was an important bird sighting that helped to stir my interest in bird watching even more than in the past, and winning my first award for the photo also helped to stir my desire to become a better hobby photographer, too.

Birding and photography are such great hobbies and are even better together!

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