Sea Turtle at Queen’s Bath

Over the past month, I shared a few photos that I have taken of birds while visiting Hawaii, and today, I would like to once again return to Kauai to a somewhat famous area on the north shore of that island, Queen’s Bath.

One does not just simply walk to Queen’s Bath.  It is a strenuous hike across some rugged black cliffs to get to it, but one afternoon while on a hike by myself, I decided to give it a try with my camera in hand.  I look back on this little adventure now and realize that it was probably not such a great idea to attempt such a feat because a rogue wave would probably have washed me out to sea forever.  I just wanted a picture of Queen’s Bath, but I won’t make that trek again.  Please don’t make it if you go.  Many people have died doing exactly what I did on this day.  Just look at the pictures online and be happy to see it there.

After I hiked over the rocks toward Queens Bath, something caught my eye out in the water.

Sea Turtle at Queens Bath

Thankfully, I was close enough to get a decent picture of this lovely sea turtle as it came up for some air in the beautiful blue water of the Pacific.  I just stood there and watched it for as long as I could see it before it finally swam out of sight.

Sea Turtle at Queens Bath 3

Sea Turtle at Queens Bath 2

After the turtle departed from sight, I remember just standing in that same spot a bit longer, looking out over the vast expanse of blue ocean.  The thought occurred to me that there was basically nothing except ocean in that direction for thousands of miles, and I felt very humbled to just be there in that moment with no distractions around except the crashing of the waves below me.  It was amazing to just be there to marvel at God’s wonderful creation on this picture-perfect day.

Sea turtles are among the most ancient creatures alive today, and they have been around since the time of the dinosaurs, over 110 million years.  Just think of that little fact.  I cannot even wrap my mind around it.

What a special treat it was to see such a rare and magnificent creature on this beautiful day in May 2008.

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