House Finch – Male

Thank you for hanging in here with me at Animal Wonder during a prolonged absence on my part.  At Christmas, my sweet mother became quite ill and ultimately passed away in late January.  Life has been in a bit of upheaval since that time, but thankfully, things are starting to return to normal.

I also have a new camera and lenses, and I am excited to once again pursue my photography hobby and share photos here regularly once again.  I sincerely appreciate your follow and will do my best to continue sharing quality animal photographs that will brighten your day and further your love and appreciation of these wonderful creatures that share our world with us.

My goal is to resume posting weekly here, starting today!

Male House Finch

A male House Finch at one of our backyard feeders

We have been fortunate to have a fairly large number of House Finches visiting our feeders this year, and this pretty boy posed nicely for me a few days ago.  The female is more neutral in color, not having the bright red features.  We are truly enjoying their daily visits!


Thanks for reading today! I would love for you to share your own thoughts, too!

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