Christmas Bird Count

Did you know that starting December 14, and going through January 5, the yearly Christmas Bird Count will take place?  Did you know that such a thing even existed?

I first learned about this project a few months ago through one of our local state parks that participates in the project.  It is a long-time project that has apparently spanned over 100 years and is also a holiday tradition for many people and families.  It is the longest running Citizen Science survey in the world, and I have enjoyed learning more about it.  While I will not be able to participate in a nearby project this year, it is something that I am going to explore further in future years.

The National Audubon Society has a great page on this project, so I will just happily link to it here, for anyone else that might be interested in participating this year or sometime in the future!

Christmas Bird Count – National Audubon Society


12/13/14 Update:
2014 Texas Christmas Bird Counts
(via Houston Audubon Society)

Bird near Sawgrass Recreation Park in Florida

Bird near Sawgrass Recreation Park in Florida

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One thought on “Christmas Bird Count

  1. Reblogged this on My Five Fs and commented:

    I won’t often reblog posts from Animal Wonder here, but this is one that some of you fellow RVers and other friends, especially photographers, might be interested in, if you are not already aware of this project. I would love to do this in the future, even though it won’t happen this year. Photography is optional on this project, as the main purpose is just the count. This is the 115th yearly count! — D


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